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Maggie Salm

Hometown: Appleton, WI

Why did you decide to go to the University of Wisconsin?

The University of Wisconsin has always been my dream school for as long as I can remember. The balance between strong academics and their overall culture stands out as the best in the state and something I have always wanted to be a part of. Additionally, the city of Madison offers the opportunities of a big city but also has the comfort of a small town and always has something fun going on.

What are you interested in studying?

I have declared majors in both Actuarial Science and Finance, Investment, and Banking which are both within the Wisconsin School of Business. I have always loved math and that was a major factor in me choosing both majors. Also, I love analytical thinking and how these majors both involve that and can work together to help me have a successful career in the future.

What is one key thing you have experienced in your short time on campus?

I am a part of the Chadbourne Residential College which has allowed me to meet some of my best friends and make connections with a lot of different people. I have also been able to attend a number of fun events through my learning community and it has truly enriched my experience at UW.

Have you joined any groups or organizations on campus?

I joined the Actuarial Club because I am interested in becoming an actuary in the future and this club has a lot of resources to help me achieve this goal. I have been able to make a lot of new friends and have learned a lot to help me in my future career. This club has also allowed me to attend networking events, career presentations, and career fairs.

Any words to those who support the WAA: Fox Valley Chapter?

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has donated to the WAA: Fox Valley Scholarship program. This scholarship has allowed me to attend UW-Madison and experience all of the wonderful things it has to offer and for that I will be forever thankful.