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Julia Walters

Why did you decide to go to the University of Wisconsin?

I ultimately chose to attend UW-Madison because it offers an Ivy League education at an affordable price as well as a plethora of academic and social opportunities.

What are you interested in studying?

I have declared Nutritional Sciences as my major, but I am also interested in exploring other areas of study.

How has the pandemic impacted the start of your college career?

Unfortunately, the pandemic has put many restrictions on my college career as all of my classes are online and clubs/campus organizations are only holding virtual events. As a social and outgoing person, it is very difficult for me to not be doing activities with people.

Are you a first generation UW student?

I am a third generation college student. Three of my four grandparents attended college. My grandparents have been extremely influential and encouraging in my decision to attend UW-Madison.

Any big surprises about college life that you did not anticipate?

I am surprised at how understanding and encouraging my professors have been. They have been so willing to help whenever I have asked for it. They also have been really accommodating considering the current situation with the pandemic.

Have you joined any groups or organizations on campus?

As a person of faith, staying connected to it has been a crucial part of my college transition. In order to do this, I joined CRU-a campus ministry organization. Through this organization, I have met so many amazing people and mentors who I have been able to connect with and seek advice from.

Any words to those who support the WAA: Fox Valley Chapter?

First of all, I would like to say thank you. Without your generous donations, I would not have been able to attend UW-Madison. Because of your donations, I now have the opportunity to help many people by pursuing the career of my dreams.