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Support Bay Area Badgers

By making a contribution to the Bay Area Badgers it helps support our mission to continue to connect UW-Madison Alumni and prospectives with each other and its greater community. The funds used will be put into our operations budget which funds our events, promotion materials, website, e-mails and much much more.

One Time Donation:

Annual Pledge:

Gift Options

  • Bucky Push Ups : $25.00 USD - yearly
  • Bucky Cheers : $50.00 USD - yearly
  • Bucky Touchdowns : $100.00 USD - yearly
  • Bucky Flipboard : $200.00 USD - yearly


The Bay Area Badgers (BAB) encompasses the University of Wisconsin (UW) Alumni and friends spanning the South Say, North Bay, East Bay and San Francisco. There are over 11,000 alumni living and working in the Bay Area. As a 100% volunteer run organization, the primary goals of the Bay Area Badgers are:

  • to connect UW alumni and families together with professional, social and volunteer events
  • to fundraise and distribute scholarships to deserving UW Madison students from local Bay Area high schools and communities
  • to coordinate game viewing events that include numerous football (12+), hockey and basketball games every year that brings Badgers together from all over the Bay Area.  

One important way we work towards our goals is partnering with local Bay Area establishments like yours. Being an Official Sponsor of the Bay Area Badgers will offer you the following benefits:

  • Game watch patrons at off-peak hours: football games on Saturday mornings/afternoons; basketball games on weekday nights and Saturday/Sunday mornings/afternoons
  • Exposure to 11K+ Bay Area UW alumni through regularly scheduled email blasts and facebook campaigns
  • Featured ads on the Bay Area Badgers chapter website
  • Your major events can be posted on our website, Twitter and Facebook upon request
  • Preference for Bay Area Badgers events to be held at your establishment

To inquire please e-mail us at