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Awarding Badger of the Year

The Badger of the Year Award recognizes local alumni who have represented the university positively through success in their profession, community service initiatives, or volunteer activities.


Alumni chapter boards are responsible for selecting local alumni for this award. Chapters may request a list of local alumni from their chapter representative to identify potential candidates. The board should then meet to evaluate candidates and select a nominee. The nominee must be submitted to WAA on the chapter’s Founders’ Day event request form. WAA will order the award and ship it to the Founders’ Day event chairperson.


  • Each candidate must be a graduate from UW–Madison who lives in the local chapter area.
  • Candidates must have distinguished themselves by generously serving the community and embodying the Wisconsin Idea.
  • Only one Badger of the Year recipient may be selected each year. However, the chapter may honor a couple together if both are UW–Madison graduates.

Note: this award is for service to the community, not the alumni chapter.


Nominees for the Badger of the Year award must be submitted on the chapter’s Founders’ Day event request form.

Award Presentation

Award winners are recognized at the chapter’s Founders’ Day celebration. The name of the winner will be mentioned on the invitation for the event UNLESS the chapter requests otherwise to make the award a surprise. Current and previous winners are listed online, allowing friends and classmates of the winner to know about the honor.

NOTE: if a potential recipient cannot attend that year’s Founders’ Day event, then the award may be delayed until the following year and a new recipient should be selected for the current year.

Email your chapter representative or call +1 608-262-2551.