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Strategic Plan for Alumni of Color Engagement

Multicultural Summer Picnic alumna and Henna Tattoo Artist Amruta Kulkarni MS ‘09

Currently, there are more than 442,000 UW–Madison alumni living throughout the world. More than 40,000 (approximately 9.5 percent) identify as alumni of color. This diversity helps make the UW a rich, vibrant community — and yet, many alumni of color have reported feeling isolated or disconnected from UW traditions and activities.

In June of 2018, the Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association (WFAA) developed and shared the Alumni of Color Strategic Plan. The goals of the plan were to strengthen the network of alumni of color, enhance marketing and engagement programs, and cultivate student-to-alumni connections. WFAA is pleased to report that a number of the strategies set forth have improved engagement with alumni of color. These initiatives were supported by the leadership of our organization, who worked diligently to provide space to listen to the voices of alumni and respond to their needs.

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Our report on the implementation of the two-year plan is available as a downloadable PDF. While reviewing the information in this report, it is important to note this is not an end to our work toward engaging alumni of color, but an ongoing process of creating sustainable change in the level of engagement and participation among alumni. You can also read our full strategic plan, including information about our research and our mission.

We acknowledge the importance of our leadership strengthening internal staff training and support, which includes but is not limited to educational and professional development on diversity and inclusion.

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