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Class of 1972 50-Year Reunion

1972 UW Marching Band members playing the tuba, with Bucky leading the way.

September 15­–18, 2022

The year 1972 was one to remember. While the Vietnam War continued overseas and news of the Watergate scandal dominated headlines, collegiate athletes celebrated a collective victory in the passing of Title IX. On the small screen, we were introduced to Hawkeye, Trapper, and the rest of the gang at the 4077th on M*A*S*H. On the silver screen, The Godfather’s Don Corleone made us an offer we couldn’t refuse. And on a stage in Madison, you graduated from the University of Wisconsin!

Now, it’s time to celebrate with an exclusive Badger weekend held in your honor. Don’t miss this golden opportunity to commemorate your time at your alma mater and to reconnect with your Badger community!

Join the Class of 1972 50-Year Reunion Facebook group to reminisce and reconnect with old classmates prior to the weekend. This group is available exclusively to your class.

See more memories from your graduation year in the 1972 edition of the Badger yearbook. (Links to the yearbook's pages are listed under “Available Contents.”)

We hope to see you in person and will continue to post updates.

RSVP by August 31 to save your spot at this spirited event!

Questions? Contact or call 888-947-2586.

Join us for Recent-Grad Weekend on campus June 7–8 for two days packed with all-inclusive summertime fun. Register now before it sells out!