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According to Angela Erickson ’98 of the UW’s Department of Housing, the W waffle — a round waffle with the UW’s crest in its middle — has been a campus tradition since fall semester 2004You may wish to wake up to W waffles at home, but you’re out of luck: Housing’s waffles come from specially made irons, which were created by a company called Carbon’s Golden Malted. Carbon’s claims to be the country’s largest supplier of waffle mix to hotels, restaurants, universities, and theme parks, and it brands itself as “America’s Favorite Waffle” since 1937. The company is named for Fred S. Carbon, who patented the recipe. (The mix contains plenty of the element carbon, too, but that’s merely incidental.) Carbon’s created the UW-crest waffle iron plates for the UW and provides them to Housing, says Erickson, “as long as we are purchasing their mix.”

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