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The Moment You Found Out You’d Be a Badger

Photo by Althea Dotzour / UW–Madison

How did you feel when you found out you'd be a Badger? We asked Badgers to share the moment they learned they were accepted to UW–Madison and here is what some had to say!

Yes, the most “Wisconsin” story: I’d ridden snowmobiles with my friends to have lunch at another friend’s parents’ bar (relax, it was lunch on a Saturday). My mom saw the letter in the mail and called the bar and asked for me. She opened it for me on the phone and the whole bar cheered!

Angie W. S.

As a high school senior, I raced home each day to check the mail. The day I got my letter, it arrived in a giant envelope with the word “YES!” in giant red print told me all I needed to know. I was in!

Ashley B.

I remember the day I got into the UW Nursing School. I had spent a year, studying hard, taking all the prerequisites at Madison Area Technical College. All those credits transferred to the University. I credit my educated mother for leading me on this path. She was pretty excited also when I got that admission letter.

Deborah K. S.

Our mailman knew my daughter was waiting and hoping to be accepted, still can see him jumping up and down, holding the big white YES envelope in his hand and ringing the doorbell! What a day!

Jan K.

I remember the day I found out I was accepted to UWSMPH. First time I ever cried for joy. Was so excited. Fast forward 30 years and I cried even more when my daughter opened her laptop in January to find out she’s going to be an incoming first year in Letters and Science. We now have a third generation Badger, and the whole family was over the moon.

Kelly H. K.

In 1994, we were notified by mail. My mom had gotten the mail that day. She took the big envelope with the giant red “YES!” printed on the back and taped it on the door into the house for me to see when I got home from school that day. Love that memory!

Sarah E. H.

My sister gave me the thick envelope and told me the thicker the better. I opened it on the stairs and I was so nervous my vision was blurry I could barely read it. I finally was able to read Congratulations. My sister, mom and I all hugged. It was the ONLY school I applied to. Best moment ever!!

Anne H. C.

Yes! I was shaking and opened it in front of my dad! Seeing the confirmation I was Badger bound was so exciting!

Jami P.

Christmas Eve for Undergrad and the same night Badgers basketball beat Arizona in the 2014 Final Four for Pharmacy School! Both were unforgettable memories!

Kayla H.

My letter arrived and my parents gave it to me wrapped as a gift to open on Christmas Eve! Best gift EVER!

Nicole G. G.

I promised myself when I was 5 that I would go to my grandfather’s alma mater. When he spoke of UW, he was transformed—filled with love and nostalgia. I worshipped him. Luckily, my dream came true, and I spent many glorious years in Madison.

Arpi H.

One of the best days! Instead of supporting or encouraging me, my high school guidance counselor told me it was too hard to get in. I thought I met all the requirements and applied anyways. I proudly showed the guidance counselor my letter of acceptance as soon as it arrived. So glad I didn’t listen to him. UW was the best experience!

Diana C.

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