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Anyone who’s been on campus long enough has heard the tales of the haunting of Science Hall. There are numerous stories: a mad professor with a secret lab, tales of hearing footsteps, and even bodies in the walls. Getting to the bottom of this particular piece of UW folklore required one very brave reporter … and, admittedly, more words that we can fit here. So, we’ll give you the short answer: signs point to no. There is no scientific or historical evidence to confirm the haunting of Science Hall. Crazed professor? Original floor plans and archived faculty papers don’t reveal anything sinister. Footsteps behind you? As it turns out, Science Hall’s ventilation system was a big deal when it was installed, and it does an exceptional job of conveying sound throughout the building. And bodies in the walls? Well, it wasn’t a body, it was an embalmed foot; and it wasn’t in a wall, it was in an attic. It’s entirely different. Read the full story — including a look at the fabled cadaver chute — in our intrepid reporter’s full investigation.

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