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Reader Feature: Roommate Reflections

“Dibs on the Top Bunk!” Badger Insider readers reflect on their best (and worst) roommate experiences.

UW students settling in the dorms on move in day.

There are a great many things to be nervous about when you head off to college. How hard will your classes be? Are you actually capable of feeding yourself seminutritious food? And will your roommate be … normal? Roommates can make or break a college experience. It’s not easy to share 150 square feet of space with a total stranger — and sometimes, it’s even harder to do with a friend. But if you’re lucky, a random college roommate can become a friend for life.

Did the guys in the apartment above you walk so loudly you thought they were rehearsing for Stomp? Was your randomly selected roommate so wonderful that she was in your bridal party? We asked Badger Insider readers to share their best (or worst) roommate and neighbor stories from their time on campus, and here’s what they had to say.

Stories are printed here as they were submitted, in their entirety, and have not been edited for grammar, style, or clarity.

Roommate Reflections

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