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The old apple orchard at Picnic Point has been a favorite destination for generations of Badgers. The apples there trace their roots to a well-to-do Madison lumberman and entrepreneur named Edward Young. After he purchased the property in 1924, he planted a large apple orchard at Picnic Point. Young loved to work the land, eventually renovating the farmhouse and building a network of bridle paths and the stone gateway at the entrance of Picnic Point.

Although many of the original Picnic Point apple trees were lost to time, some remain, and they still produce fruit each fall. The fragrant fruit you recall is the McCoun apple. First introduced in 1923, they are a cross between the McIntosh and Arkansas black varieties. The sweet, crisp, aromatic McCoun apples are only available during the October and November harvest, and can be purchased online through a number of vendors.

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