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Our Dream Babcock Flavors

Here are 10 flavors we wish Babcock Dairy Hall would add to their lineup:

  1. ANDYS-Mint: Mint ice cream with white and dark chocolate chunks
  2. A More Perfect Union: Sweet cream ice cream with wild berry compote 
  3. ON-a-Roll: Cinnamon ice cream with cinnamon bun dough pieces
  4. Bogged Down: Cranberry-vanilla ice cream with an orange and brown sugar swirl
  5. At a Crossroads: Mocha ice cream with biscotti pieces
  6. Helter-Der Rathskell-ter: Beer flavored ice cream made with real Spotted Cow  
  7. Arboret-yum: Elderberry ice cream with a sour cherry swirl
  8. Oh, So Gully-ble: Graham cracker ice cream with whipped cream and fudge swirls
  9. Don’t Go Chazen Waterfalls: Juicy pear sorbet 
  10. Feelin’ Like a Million Buckys: Vanilla ice cream with chocolate covered Oreos

What flavors would you like to see? Send us your recipe and your idea for a name.

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