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The first Multicultural Orientation and Reception (known by the cool kids as MCOR) was held in 1981. University staff started MCOR to provide a more inclusive and dynamic orientation experience for students from underrepresented demographic groups. The Multicultural Student Center took over planning the annual event once the center was established in 1988. MCOR aims to welcome students of every background to campus while celebrating the diversity they bring to the Badger community. MCOR programming has changed throughout its 40-year history, but it typically allows new and returning students an opportunity to network with one another, learn about multicultural student organizations, and enjoy a showcase of multicultural performances. Past receptions have included poetry slams, Potawatomi dance recitals, selections from the University Gospel Choir, and instrumental expos on the taiko, a set of Japanese percussion drums. While COVID-19 threw a wrench in last year’s plans, MCOR 2021 is on for September 10. Return to the early 2000s with us to see how our millennial alumni celebrated MCOR in the MSC photo archives.

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