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A Next-Generation Dairy Farmer: Kewaunee County Impact

Jordan Ebert ’17 earned his dairy science degree from the UW to continue his family’s long history of dairy farming.

Jordan Ebert ’17

Even though UW-Madison undergrad Jordan Ebert ’17 grew up on a dairy farm, he wouldn’t describe himself as a farm kid.

“In high school, I focused on school and sports,” says Ebert. “I didn’t have farm chores like other kids who grew up on farms.”

However, his future as a dairy science major in college was never in doubt.

“What led me to follow this path was that I never burnt out on it,” explains Ebert, whose father never encouraged or discouraged his son to pursue a farm career. Instead, his father let him decide for himself. And, Ebert chose dairy.

“I knew that was where I was meant to be,” he says. “If I become a farmer, I will be the seventh generation in my family to farm.”

Getting a degree here at the UW gives you a different perspective.

Jordan is the first in his family to go to college. The dairy science curriculum at UW-Madison has given Ebert a tremendous background in the science of dairy farming, but the overall educational and extracurricular experiences have given him his most valuable lessons.

“Getting a degree here at the UW gives you a different perspective,” says Ebert. “You gain an unbelievable number of connections.”

Ebert comes from one of the most respected farm families in the state. Ebert Dairy Enterprises — owned by his parents, Randy and Renee Ebert — has been selected to host the 2017 Wisconsin Farm Technology Days show. It’s a true honor for Kewaunee County as well for as the Eberts, whose farming practices make them a leader in the industry.

For example, they use sand-bed stalls to ensure the comfort of their animals. They also work diligently to process their manure responsibly and are currently working to convert 100 percent of their manure into reusable components.

“Dad is always trying to improve how we work,” says Ebert. “He’s always thinking, ‘What’s the next thing?’’’

Ebert plans to carry that attitude into his own life’s work. He says, “A lot of who I am now is because of what my dad has instilled in me.”

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