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Heinz Humanitarian

Jake Wood is 57 varieties of awesome.

Badger football player. U.S. Marine. Entrepreneur. Humanitarian. Jake Wood ’05 keeps racking up the titles. And this month, he landed one more: Heinz Award recipient.

The Heinz Foundation named Wood — along with fellow veteran William McNulty, who helped him launch Team Rubicon — as recipients of the 2005 Heinz Award for the Human Condition. Team Rubicon is a rapid-response organization that engages veterans in delivering aid to areas that have been hit by natural disasters. The foundation cited Team Rubicon’s work after the Haitian earthquake of 2010 and Hurricane Sandy as some of the reasons for recognizing Wood and McNulty, as well as Rubicon’s devotion to helping ensure veterans psychological and emotional well-being.

Wood’s work has earned him a variety of honors, including public thanks from First Lady Michelle Obama and a 2011 WAA Forward Under 40 award. His first book, Take Command , was published last year.

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