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The statue atop the state capitol building is named "Wisconsin" and was placed on the capitol dome as a symbol of the state's motto, "Forward." Daniel Chester French, who also created the fabulous Abraham Lincoln statue for the Lincoln Memorial, sculpted "Wisconsin" to symbolize the spirit of Wisconsin progress. She looks toward Lake Monona with her right hand outstretched, while her left hand cradles a globe with an eagle perched on it. On top of her helmet is the state animal, the badger. French sculpted the15 foot, five inch, three-ton statue in 1914 for a cost of $20,325.

For those who don't know why the statue was referred to as "Mrs. Rennebohm," we'll let you in on the joke: People suggested that "Wisconsin" was actually Mrs. Rennebohm, the wife of Oscar Rennebohm, the owner of a large Madison drug-store-chain. It was said she was on top of the capitol looking for a site for the newest drug store.

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