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Chapter Teams

Our Chapter is proud of the its status as a WAA Bascom Chapter (the top tier of recognition among chapters across the world), and we're only able to keep that status with the help of many volunteers who put on our events and programs.

Are you interested in joining a team or two? Email, and we'll get you set up quicker than a food-tray sled ride down Bascom.

San Diego Badger Women's Group

Part of a special initiative from the Board and the WAA, our San Diego Badger Women's Group specifically focuses on uniting Badger Women and offering unique networking opportunities, group support and enrichment activities throughout the year.


Our Events Team coordinates our service and marquee events, including our annual service project, Founders' Day, Student Send Off and Welcome to the City. With this team, the impact on our local community is only bound by the team's creativity. This team also serves as our ambassadors to alumni whose only interaction with the Chapter are at our marquee events, offering some exciting interactions.

Professional Networking

Connecting is our lifeblood, and our Professional Networking Team puts on networking events and programs in conjunction with similar efforts hosted by the Young Alumni Team, the San Diego Badger Women's Group, other UW-affiliated alumni programs and joint efforts with other universities' local alumni chapters.


All of our funds eventually support our Chapter Scholarship Fund, and our Fundraising Team coordinates our fundraising efforts in conjunction with the WFAA, the Day of the Badger and the UW's annual and strategic campaigns.

B1G (Athletics)

With many Badger Hangout options in town, our B1G Team coordinates our game-watch activities at our hangouts while also keeping tabs on unique athletic events in town. And with the Holiday Bowl's legacy that united local Big Team alumni chapters, our B1G Team keeps us on the top of the competition lists for joint Pac-12/Big Ten events.

Young Alumni (Social Events)

As a destination city for many UW recent graduates, we have a special team dedicated to events and connections for young alumni. This Young Alumni Team, comprised of recent graduates themselves, coordinates monthly get-togethers, group meals and social events open to young alumni, alumni who are young at heart and their friends.

Internal Teams

Given the nature of some of our more administrative teams, these working groups are typically reserved for a small group of Board members.

Awards & Recognition

During the year, and particularly at our Founders' Day event, we recognize our local alumni who have gone above and beyond the call to their community or profession. Our Awards & Recognition Team annually recognizes a Badger of the Year and submit nominations for Forward under 40 and Distinguished Alumni Awards as warranted.


We have a lot going on, and we luckily have a team dedicated to getting our word out to our San Diego alumni and beyond. Our Communications Team coordinates this effort, putting our email, website, Facebook and Instagram assets to their best use.


Thanks to your support of the Chapter Scholarship Fund, our Scholarship Team reviews our scholarship applicants and announces our winner to the WFAA for awarding our scholarship directly to our winner's student account.