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Where are they now? Meet L.J. Alexandre-Strong

L.J. Alexandre-Strong of Peoria graduated from UW the spring of 2018 with a degree in music (violin performance) and business with an emphasis in music production and arts enterprise. She recently accepted a position as Executive Director of Youth Music Illinois.

Describe one of your fondest memories of your time at UW.

I have many fond memories of UW, but the best decision I made there was join my sorority of Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc., a Latina-based multicultural sorority. Multicultural Greek life helped me thrive and grow as a person, scholar, and professional.

Why did you choose to attend UW?

I choose to attend UW-Madison originally because of the size and opportunities, and then, while visiting the school, I felt good vibes. It felt like the right place to be.

What would you tell others considering UW?

I would tell others that there is a place for everyone. Even though it is a big school, it is possible to find a group that you can call home. (Hint: that group is probably not in your freshman dorm). As a woman of color I had difficulty at first and I was scared that I would be alone on campus, but I found the people that made me feel more comfortable and helped me grow as a person.

How have you benefited from your UW education?

The education I have received has pointed me in the right direction of what I have wanted to do. Though the classes were difficult, it was amazing what some professors could do to make the education go beyond the classroom. I also attribute much of my personal education to other students, and student supporting staff. There are many free programs that I went to and student organizations that I learned so much from.

How did your scholarship help? What was the money used for?

My scholarship went towards my tuition! Thank you for supporting my academics!

What high school did you attend?

I attended Richwoods High School in Peoria, Illinois.

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