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Awarding Lifetime Achievement

The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes chapter leaders who have served in a role (or multiple roles) with a chapter for 10 or more years.


Either Wisconsin Alumni Association® (WAA) staff or local alumni chapters can nominate alumni volunteers for this award. Chapter nominations must be submitted to WAA on the chapter’s Founders’ Day event request form.

Candidates will be reviewed and selected by WAA and local chapter board members. WAA will mail the award to the Founders’ Day event chairperson.


  • The candidate has served the chapter for 10 or more years.
  • The candidate has performed well in their role(s) with the chapter.


Chapter nominations for the Lifetime Achievement Award must be submitted on the chapter’s Founders’ Day event request form.

Award Presentation

Award winners are recognized at the chapter’s Founders’ Day celebration. The name of the winner will be mentioned on the invitation for the event UNLESS the chapter requests otherwise to make the award a surprise. If the local chapter nominated the winner, the chapter will present the award. If WAA nominated the winner, a WAA representative will attend the Founders’ Day event to present the award.

Email your chapter representative or call +1 608-262-2551.