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Corporate Events Committee

The Corporate Events committee supports the Wisconsin Alumni Association (WAA) mission by building an inclusive local community of UW alumni and supporters united by Badger pride, spirit, and the desire to advance UW-Madison's positive impact on the world by engaging local alumni in events that advance the priorities of the university. This committee works closely with WAA to support and/or host UW-driven events, advancement events, and WAA-corporate events happening in the chapter region.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Plan, coordinate, and execute WAA corporate events (Founders’ Day, Student Send-Off Celebrations) – including secure venues, oversee event programming and content, lead on-site registration and check-in, manage event execution – as appropriate and in alignment with WAA.
  • Utilize WAA toolkits and event resources (registration, event pages, communications) to ensure consistent branding and messaging in event marketing and communications.
  • Work with the Communications committee to promote events and programs on chapter social accounts, website, and through chapter communications.
  • Support advancement events and WAA-/UW-driven events happening in the chapter region (visiting professors, bowl games, NCAA tournament events, college/school/department events) by providing marketing and volunteer support and other assistance as needed.


  • Understand the WAA mission and purpose of alumni communities.
  • Strong affinity to UW-Madison
  • Commitment to create an inclusive Badger community
  • Ability to maintain communications with WAA
  • Ability to stay informed on WAA news, updates, and information through Badger Leaders
  • Enthusiasm for organizing and hosting Badger-related events
  • Personable and good customer service skills
  • Strong organization skills
  • Event planning experience, a plus
  • Creative thinking skills, a plus