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Obituary: Richard James Bazillion

On Friday, January 22, 2021, Richard James Bazillion passed away at the age of 77. Richard was born on February 25, 1943, in Saint John, New Brunswick. He earned an MAT at Harvard before completing a PhD in history at the University of Wisconsin Madison in 1970. He later returned to Madison to complete a master of arts in library sciences.

In addition to teaching history, Richard was an enthusiastic and prolific author focusing primarily on 19th-century Germany. He was also a librarian with great interest in designing/building libraries to take advantage of new and forthcoming technologies. After retirement, he continued to write and occasionally publish.

Richard had a passion for classical music. He often “conducted” his favorite works in the living room. Other favorites included Leonard Cohen and Gordon Lightfoot.

Richard is survived by his wife, Helen; his children, Christina (Cory) and Jim (Valorie); his grandchildren Samantha (Stephen), Matt, Mallory, Alicia and Bodie; and Heidi, his canine companion.

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