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Growth and Innovation Consultancy, Bluedog Design, names Chief Financial Officer, Mark Koenig, as Partner

Signaling recognition for his significant contributions to the growth of Bluedog Design, Chief Financial Officer Mark Koenig has been named Partner.

Koenig started with the firm in 2006, and his strong financial background positioned him to orchestrate and implement an operational infrastructure designed for the ongoing growth of Bluedog Design.

“Growth and opportunity exist here,” says Michelle Hayward, Bluedog Design’s CEO and Founder. “As a leader, my priority is to ready this organization for growth. Partner leaders are essential, as they focus on the business priorities supporting growth and empowering the talent we hold so dearly. Mark’s leadership presence fuels growth initiatives, leading us to continually redefine our edge in the marketplace.”

Koenig holds a Bachelor’s of Business Administration, Finance from University of Wisconsin and is an Executive Scholar of The Global Advanced Management Program at Kellogg School of Management.

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