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Jemmy Chayadi ’00 is paving way for integrating the Sustainable Development Goals in Indonesia

Since obtaining his Engineering degree from the University of Wisconsin, Jemmy Chayadi has had several work experiences around the world, including Chicago and China, which ultimately led him to go back home to Indonesia and find his passion working in Sustainability.

Indonesia is a young, developing country and is also the 4th most populous country in the world. As such, there are many challenges that the nation faces including social issues such as poverty and education and environmental concerns. From leading the Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives at IKEA to implementing the Sustainable Forest Management policy at APRIL Group, Chayadi believes that corporations around the world have a responsibility to contribute to the effort to address these issues.

Now, working as the Director of Strategy and Sustainable Development for Djarum Foundation, he continues his passion in integrating Sustainability into business and in advocating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that will guarantee a better life for future generations of Indonesians.

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