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Dean Meeker Retrospective at MOWA: Jack Leissring

I write as a long term friend of Dean Meeker, professor of art from 1946-1992 and emeritus until his death in 2002. Meeker served in the glory days of the Wisconsin art school. He was a major innovator in print making. In 2016, I published a book about Meeker, his accomplishments and details of our friendship and collaboration. My own class connections begin in early 1953 and extend to June, 1961 with three degrees: BS (Medical Science), MS (Anatomy) and MD, 1957, 1961 January and June. During my years in Madison, I was also a pianist and headed several groups which regularly played on the Union Terrace and at a now defunct club: The Tiger Lounge. I have an extensive collection of Meeker’s prints and sculpture included with many works by Wisconsin artists. I was a pathologist for thirty five years, formal training gained at Stanford University, 1965-1969. I turned to a full time concentration upon writing and care of my art collection, which now consists of more than 7000 works dating from 1600 to yesterday. I have written and published 28 books on a variety of subjects, mainly art and artists. Access to this can be gained at Dean Meeker influenced so many students or art and allied courses that it is likely that many graduates will be anxious to visit the retrospective (and centenary of his birth) at the Museum of Wisconsin Art in West Bend.

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