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Israel Hanukoglu received Sentinel of Science Award for 2016 in biochemistry

Israel Hanukoglu (MSc’76, PhD’80) recently received a Sentinel of Science Award for his work as a peer reviewer of articles in the fields of Biochemistry, Genetics, and Molecular Biology.
Israel finished his Master’s degree under the late Prof. Harry J. Karavolas who was the Chairman of the Department of Physiological Chemistry of the UW Medical School, and then continued to Ph.D. under Prof. Colin R. Jefcoate also from the Medical School.
After a postdoc at the U. of Chicago, Israel moved to Israel where he is currently the head of the Laboratory of Cell Biology at Ariel University.
As a graduate of the interdisciplinary Endocrinology-Reproductive Physiology program in the the UW, Israel still works on subjects related to hormone action. His lab was the first to clone some of the genes involved in steroid hormone biosynthesis, and to identify mutations in epithelial sodium channel genes responsible for hereditary disease of lack of responsiveness to mineralocorticoid hormone aldosterone.
The ranking for the Sentinel of Science Award is global and is based on the international reviewer registry at that includes over 60,000 scientists.
Among Israeli scientists, Prof. Hanukoglu was ranked #1 for 2016.
On his note about the award, Israel emphasized to honor the memory of his M.Sc. adviser, the late Prof. Karavolas. He writes that he learned how to review manuscripts under the guidance of Prof. Karavolas who was an editor for Endocrinology and would assign him manuscripts to review.

His profile at Publons registry can be seen at

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