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Dr. Rachel Nugent Wins Global Health Impact Award

Dr. Rachel Nugent ’78, vice president and director for the Center for Global Noncommunicable Diseases at RTI International, received the Luminary Leader Award from the Washington Global Health Alliance on October 14, 2021, during the inaugural Global Health Impact Awards. Dr. Nugent was honored for her four decades of work as a health economics researcher and policy advisor, leading the global narrative that cost-effective policy interventions can reduce noncommunicable diseases (such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes) in low- and middle-income countries, saving millions of lives and trillions in economic productivity. Her economic arguments are compelling governments around the world to create and enforce smart policies to reduce the burden of noncommunicable diseases, which account for more than 70% of global deaths but receive just 3% of development assistance for health.

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