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Three Generations of UW Madison Grads: Dennis Lee Mullen

On May 12th, 2018 I attended my grand daughter’s graduation from UW Madison. I thought back to when I graduated from UW Madison 51 years ago(Master’s Degree in Counseling & Behavioral Studies, 1967). I had attended Oshkosh State Teacher’s College for five summers after getting a two year degree from Marinette County Teacher’s College. January of 1966 I got my B.S. in Upper Elementary Education from Oshkosh.

While in Madison I had some great professors and made many friends. My wife was PG at the time and stayed home in Marinette, WI. Warren and his wife Carol Dykstra let me stay with them during the year-Great people.

I had taught regular education grades 5 and 6 in Pound, WI before coming to Madison. In 1964 we had a daughter born with the cord wrapped around her. She passed in Jan. of 1966 and I took a class in Marinette Taught by a professor from UW Madison. Introduction to Handicapped Children. In April of 1966 I got a call from that professor and an offer for a full scholarship to attend UW Madison starting Fall of 1966. I started a class at the high school level for handicapped students Fall of 1967 in Lena, WI. After three years I then went to CESA #3 and worked on a Federal Project called COMP(Computerized Operational Materials Project). It was a Reading project for improving reading levels for handicapped students. It was very successful and earned me a trip to Washington D.C. to explain it to congressmen. I then went back to UW Madison for two summers and earned my Director of Special Education Administrator License. Served 20 school districts for 3 years and in 1974 went full time to the Marinette School District and retired from there in 1994.
My son Patrick attended UW Madison and got his B.S. and his Master’s in Rehabilitation Psychology in 1993.

His wife Karen has her Master’s and was a teacher in special education in Madison and now has two years in as an assistant principal at a Madison Elementary School.

Hannah Mullen wanted to follow in grand pa and dad’s footsteps and attended UW Madison. She graduated with a B.S. on May 12, 2018. She has been involved in Political Science all four years while at UW Madison.

Hannah has four sister’s and Megan will be a Jr. this Fall at UW Madison in the School of Education. Abbi will be completing her second year at the Community College and also go to UW Madison. Grace will be a 11th grader this Fall and Lucy will be a 7th grader……….Looks like Grandpa will have many more graduations to attend at UW Madison.

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