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Bev Statland Klau (2000) Uses Her Passion for Building Community to Create New Social Media App Verbina

Seeking to make it easier to gather stories and build community during and after the pandemic, UW-Madison grad Bev Statland Klau launched a new social media app: Verbina. As a former classroom teacher, Bev Klau knows how to hold space and facilitate dialogue. Her app, Verbina, makes it possible to build community in similar ways using technology. Verbina offers something different: genuine storytelling, shared experience, and community.

Verbina is for anyone who wants to participate in intentional conversations about things that matter. It empowers users to thoughtfully curate conversations in ways that cultivate respect and decency rather than devolve into toxicity and dehumanization. It’s not about amassing likes and followers. It’s about reweaving the fractured fabric of our communities, one thoughtful conversation at a time. Download now for free on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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